The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) is a forum set up by 14 space agencies
to advance the Global Exploration Strategy through coordination of their mutual efforts in space exploration
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ISECG Annual Report 2017 published

The “Annual Report 2017” of the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) provides an overview of the achievements and activities over the past year.

ISECG pursued various activity lines throughout 2017, from which many findings contributed to the update of the “Global Exploration Roadmap”, released in January 2018.

Progress was also achieved in:

  • ISECG study work on lunar exploration, including an international deep space Gateway and concepts for advanced robotic and human rated landers as well as small pressurized rovers.
  • Engaging science communities around the globe and identifying recommendations for exploration priorities. The activity culminated with the publication of a Science White Paper on “Scientific Opportunities Enabled by Human Exploration Beyond Low-Earth Orbit” in December 2017;
  • Understanding lunar volatiles and identifying opportunities for collaboration across the numerous planned lunar polar robotic missions;
  • Advancing the characterisation and assessment of critical technologies for the mission scenario of the “Global Exploration Roadmap”. ISECG agencies have started two detailed study activities to assess technology gaps in the areas of ‘Autonomous Systems’ and ‘Telerobotic Control of Robotic Systems with Time Delay’.

Download the ISECG “Annual Report 2017” from the ISECG Publications page.

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