The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) is a forum set up by 14 space agencies
to advance the Global Exploration Strategy through coordination of their mutual efforts in space exploration
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Government representatives from 45 countries and international organisations meet at the 2nd International Space Exploration Forum (ISEF2)

Upon invitation from the Japanese government, the 2nd International Space Exploration Forum (ISEF2) Ministerial Meeting was held on March 3, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan, with representatives from 45 countries / international organizations, including 21 space agencies.
During the day-long meeting, ISEF participants discussed the importance of space exploration and the benefits obtained, common visions and goals, and future international cooperation.

The 2nd International Space Exploration Forum (ISEF2) Ministerial Meeting was held on March 3, 2018 in Tokyo, JapanIn a joint statement participants recognized that space exploration is an important challenge for expanding human activity areas and acquiring knowledge, experience, and benefits common to humankind.  ISEF2 participating countries affirmed the widely shared goal of expanding exploration activities from low Earth orbit through the Moon, to Mars, and beyond.

ISEF2 participating countries also took note of the Global Exploration Roadmap (3rd Edition) released in January 2018 by ISECG, the International Space Exploration Coordination Group, which describes an emerging international consensus to proceed with lunar exploration using a cislunar platform as the initial step in space exploration beyond low Earth orbit.

As one of the outputs of this forum, the “Tokyo Principles for International Space Exploration” summarize principles that serve as a foundation for sustainable, effective and efficient international cooperation in space exploration, such as the peaceful purpose and benefits for humankind, cooperation with academia and private sector, ensuring continuity through a stepwise approach, and planetary protection.
Participating countries also recognized the “International Space Exploration Forum Terms of Reference” and welcomed the Principles as a basis for governments to engage in dialogue to promote international cooperation and long-term space exploration endeavors that deliver benefits to humanity.

In conjunction with this international forum at ministerial level, three side events were held between February 28 and March 3: Y-ISEF for Young Professionals, I-ISEF for industry and S-ISEF for Japanese high school students.
As space development by the private sector is becoming more visible, cooperation between the private sector and institutional actors is indispensable in future space exploration activities. I-ISEF was held for industry from various fields in order to expand opportunities in space activities. In addition, Y-ISEF and S-ISEF for young professionals and students was held to develop the next generation of human resources who would shape the ‘space exploration era’. Programmes to leverage synergies between the side events were prepared, and a summary of those side events was reported to the ISEF 2 ministerial level meeting.

The next International Space Exploration Forum will be held in Europe by 2021.

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